TWA Flight 800 Decommissioned, But Will Be Digitally Preserved with 3d laser scanning services

Explosion Killed All On Board in 1996

A well-known flight from Trans World Airlines took off July 17th, 1996. Minutes after the takeoff happened, Flight 800 exploded in the air. Every person who boarded that flight was killed; there were no survivors. This accident led to years of making a copy of the destroyed plane to conduct an investigation. It took manpower, lots of hours, and a lot of sleepless nights for the team. With 3D laser scanning services, a lot of that can be limited, and it can be more accurate. 

After years of maintaining this destroyed airplane, it is time to say goodbye to it. This plane has been used as a training tool and has helped us inspect our planes now. 3D laser scanning services are now stepping into the picture and making safer planes and better training experiences. 

Just shy of the 25th anniversary of the crash, the reconstruction will no longer be used, but it will be digitally preserved. This plane will be saved for historical purposes and will still be used as a training tool, just not physically. 


Many researchers have been turning to digital preservation for various reasons. 3D laser scanning services have helped open up a world of possibilities. It has allowed us to do many creative things with digital preservations. Here are some advantages that are not well known about digitizing models. 

Saves physical room – In this instance, the plane was a massive piece that took hours of work to restore and make a model. It took up an insane amount of space that could be used for newer projects. 3D laser scanning helps combine all of the information and turns it into an electronic file. This physical space can be saved and used for something else. 

Stores information for future generations – Many of us know the world is headed towards one that focuses on technology. Many things will not be preserved and cannot be maintained over the next several hundred years. This is a way to let future generations know exactly what things were like right now. It will allow them to time travel in a sense. 

It can be more accurate than a model made by hand – 3D laser scanning is incredibly accurate and picks up the smallest details. This makes it helpful in creating more realistic models that others can study. 

Can be printed again – If the physical model is needed again, it can be printed from the 3D laser scans. It can be printed on a much smaller scale that can still help see all of the physical form information without taking up too much space. 

Can make virtual reality – On top of 3D printing a model, this information can be turned into a virtual world that someone can walk into and inspect. This can be an excellent tool for future generations. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have so many advantages that other technology pieces have not been able to give us. Though Flight 800 is due to be taken down, it will live on and be remembered. This is an essential part of our history and from which we have learned a great deal.

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