Will 3D Laser Scanning services End World Hunger?

Combining Farming with Technology

As our population grows, farmers are faced with challenges we could never understand. They are dealing with smaller portions of land and more mouths to feed. It seems unfair, doesn’t it? Well, farming combined with technology may be the answer to getting more viable crops from a field. This can help the farmers grow more, make more money, and feed us. 3D laser scanning services is the tool that could be the solution to many problems. 

3D laser scanning services can help a farmer understand and breed specific types of plants. This is through the action of phenotyping. It means picking out the most desirable traits in crops. Using this cutting-edge technology allows farmers insight into what sells better and how much they will need a specific breed of plant for future seasons. 

It is a way to allow them, farmers, to stand a chance to stay in business and support their local communities. This is a new project that is led by a team of researchers from Oregon. They believe that soon enough, a lot of the farming equipment will have 3D laser scanning devices attached. 

What is 3D laser scanning?

3D laser scanning is a tool that helps collect information and can sometimes pick up details at microscopic levels. It can take rapid pictures one by one of every angle of one object. That information gets sent to an attached computer programmed where those images are layered, creating a complete picture. 

Often, this is where the image can be edited, so it is more realistic and detailed than other ways of capturing information. This machine was created in the 1960s but was not as accurate as it is now. Over the last few years, many teams have dedicated themselves to developing this technology into something magnificent.

Will farming turn to technology for good?

Though many farmers have yet to turn towards technology, the time is coming. Society is becoming reliant on technology, and 3D laser scanning has proven to be a helpful tool. 

Farming needs a new way to keep up with the demands of our society, and this tool could provide the answer. It can help them plan and analyze their land to find the best way to plant and plant for optimal growth. 

This can help them understand which breeds carry the traits people are looking for and help them predict future trends. This could be done by hand, but it would not be accurate, and it would not be done as fast. For these reasons, there may be an influx of farmers wanting to adopt 3D laser scanning. 

Final thoughts

There has been nothing quite like 3D laser scanning services, and it is emerging in unexpecting fields. We would never imagine farmers using cutting-edge technology to plant seeds. However, it looks like we will be moving towards that reality very soon. This is the start of something extraordinary. We can’t wait to see where it leads and what this technology can help farmers achieve. 

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