Two Companies Work Together to Create Prosthetics

Improving lives for people in West Africa

Most companies have a goal of enriching consumer lives or finding ways to help those in need. As technology becomes more advanced, we have companies focused on those resources to improve our lives. 3D laser scanning has become an insane industry because there are various ways to use these products to help save lives and create a better quality of living.

A nonprofit organization called 3D Sierra Leone has partnered with Shining 3D to create prosthetics arms in West African countries. They take the most advanced technology to develop affordable arms and legs for people who would not usually have access to this medical help. They would also not normally be able to access this technology. These companies have partnered together to create a massive difference in West Africa.

In Sierra Leone, many of the nonprofit’s patients have lost their limbs due to traffic accidents, infections, or the patients’ not being able to get to the hospital fast enough. Another significant amount of people lost limbs in the Sierra Leone Civil war that happened between 1991 and 2002. Many of the surrounding hospitals don’t have enough funds to help everyone who lost their limbs, don’t have the technology, and some places just don’t have the knowledge. That is where these two companies step in to help. They are making a difference that helps the surrounding area.

The process they use

To take the scans of the patients, this nonprofit group uses a handheld 3D laser scanning device from Shining 3D. It is called EinScan Pro 2X and is incredibly convenient and easy to use. The first scan the dimensions of the patients’ stump and the patients’ other arm to get the dimensions of the other arm so they can mirror it. They send this information to an editing program where they can then design the arm. Once it is edited and complete, they can start printing the arm layer by layer. After it is finished, any other details are added by a prosthetics maker, and then it is given to the patient once it is perfected.

The benefits of using 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is a noninvasive and highly detailed way to gather information. It also is much more comfortable for the patient because very little time is necessary to take the scans. Instead of spending all days getting molds, it is a rapid light that shines over an object and gathers information. It is exceptionally accurate, picking up all sorts of information. It can also be saved in the cloud forever, making it one of the best devices to collect files for any future projects.

Final thoughts

These companies have come together to make a difference. Many more companies are finding the best uses for 3D laser scanning and adopting the technology to help create a better standard of living. Bringing this technology to other parts of the world is giving them the access and power to change things. As this technology advances, we will continue to find more uses for it.

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