Underground Secrets Found With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Uncovering a Labyrinth of vaults and chambers

Wisbech is known to have secret chambers and vaults way below the street level. There are tons of tunnels, cells, intertwining hallways, and chambers. It’s a labyrinth under the city that has barely been explored until now. The public has rarely seen this, but now with the help of 3D laser scanning services, there will be images up for the public to view. A team of researchers has started using technology to help create 3D models for people to explore.This will allow many people to take virtual tours from their homes’ comfort and help digitally preserve these historic places. In the future, if any teams want to go in and update these historical sites, they will be able to go back and look through accurate 3D models.As the years go on, we see more research teams use this technology because of all of the benefits. Some serious advantages make 3D laser scanning services so appealing to people studying historical sites and objects.

What are the benefits of 3D laser scanning?

When you think of 3D laser scanning services, you may not be aware of what they are. A 3D laser scanner is a machine that can come in a small handheld device or some bigger for. It takes rapid pictures of an area or object that sends the information to a CAD where more information can be plugged in or added. This creates a full 3D virtual model.


This technology is faster than taking the information by hand. It works rapidly and can be edited as fast as anyone can go. It captures all of the information and ensures that it stays in one spot.


It is more precise than any human could ever be. This means fewer mistakes will happen, or if there are pieces that could be hazardous, they are spotted quicker.


Considering all of the amazing advantages of using 3D laser scanning devices, they are all relatively budget-friendly. They have some of the best ROIs you can find. It has helped many businesses gain profits.

Preserves data

Many people use this device as a way to preserve data for future generations digitally. It creates 3D models, and every drop of data is saved in the cloud. So, even if the physical sites come to any harm, there will always be a digital copy for people to study and even rebuild.

Communication to other teams

One of the best features of this technology is that data can be openly shared with the public and even other research teams. That means if someone could not easily get the information or view the sites, the 3D models can be sent to others.

Final thoughts

There are so many reasons why people are adopting 3D laser scanning services and why research teams chose it for the underground site in Wisbech, England. It has helped them collect information rapidly and share it with the public. This will not be overlooked and will keep the history alive and fascinating.

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