3D Laser scanning services used for moxy hotel makeover

hotel continued to operate without disruption

Downtown Boston is a booming city, and there is something always going on, including the construction field. However, many buildings and hotels can’t remain under construction for too long or disrupt their business. The faster construction goes, the better it is for the building under maintenance. For Moxy Hotel in downtown Boston in 2019, they underwent a huge makeover, and to get it done faster than average, they used 3D laser scanning services to help create accurate plans with 3D modeling. 

A construction team was able to go in and scan the entire building. This allowed them to see which areas were top priority and create a plan to get it done faster. It allowed the hotel to stay in business and continue to allow guests in their building. This technology allowed the team to work faster and revolutionize the way maintenance and upgrades are done. 

As we continue towards a more high-tech future, we will see more construction teams adopt 3D laser scanning services. It provides many benefits that are unique and can save time. The field that has the most advantages with this cutting-edge technology is construction. Moxy hotel greatly benefits from a team that stays up-to-date with the latest technology trends. 

Why is 3D laser scanning good for construction?

Out of all of the fields to adopt this technology, construction crews receive the most benefits. This is why many teams have changed their procedures to include using 3D laser scanning services before making any plans. Here is why:

Saves time

Let’s be honest, in the construction world, time is money. The more time spent on a site, the more it costs to keep the crew. This is why so many sites sit vacant for years. If a team can move faster, they get more done, and they get better jobs faster. It is worth everyone’s time to invest in this technology. 

Saves money

Instead of doing thousands of inspections at each step that cost loads of money, someone can go and quickly use a 3D laser scanning device to get updates on the site. This saves tons of money and keeps everyone informed of what is happening. 

Creates 3D models

Instead of sitting and drawing out a plan, all of the information that has been collected can be edited in the CAD program. This layers the images on top of each other to create a full picture for the team to view and edit. It can help them create a detailed plan of where to start on the site and steps to take. 

Final thoughts

This can be a great way to enhance the safety of a crew as well. If a site is deemed too dangerous, the 3D laser scanning device can be sent in to scan the surrounding area. Many people love to hire construction crews that use this site because it tends to go much quicker. Moxy in Boston understood the clear advantages, and it allowed them to update quicker than any other hotel. 

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