Music Video Creators Turn to 3D Laser Scanning Services

Band Seeks Volunteers to Scan Their Heads

If you want to be a part of a music video, now is the time to do it. A band called Glass Animals is looking for volunteers to use 3D laser scanning apps to scan their heads. The images will then be put in the music video for a super groovy look. Many artists are now trying to do this due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. This super high-tech can help limit exposure to the virus but still help get new footage worldwide. 

You can download the Trnio app to take your head’s images and then email those to the band. The people with the best scans will get featured in the latest music video. It’s super easy to do, and thanks to 3D laser scanning apps, it is straightforward and simple. 

3D laser scanning services are now so widely available it has everyone collecting information and sending it worldwide. It has opened up a new way to communicate and has changed the way we observe and analyze. We can embed the information in music videos, tv, and more. What’s not to love about this technology?

How does 3D laser scanning in a phone work?

Now, by using a phone, it won’t work like the typical LIDAR or light detection and range you hear about. However, your phone does have sensors, and it’s able to take videos and photographs. So, how does it work? Here it is!

One person must hold the phone and open up the app that uses the cameras and small sensors. Once an image pops up, the person will slowly walk around the object or, in this case, a face. The phone may even give the person instructions, so they don’t miss any angles. 

It takes photographs and videos that are layered on top of each other to create a full digital image that shares a person’s head’s exact measurements. All of this happens in real-time and really quickly compared to other pieces of technology. 

Once the image is complete, the user can save the information and do many different things. In this case, the details get sent to a band, and they can virtually embed your face or data into their music video. It’s a creative way to get a unique look for a music video. 

How does LIDAR work?

This is a different form of 3D laser scanning that uses lasers to collect an object’s information. It’s non-invasive and not harmful at all. It uses lasers to roam over an object. The laser beams are measured by the distance they travel and how long it takes for the reflection to bounce back. These can be small handheld devices or really big devices. They are also a bit more expensive than using a detailed application for a phone. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have been in the entertainment industry for a few years, and it seems to be a rising trend. There have been makeup artists who use it to 3D print facial features for movies and other ways to create props for displays. It is a convenient tool that musicians, tv hosts, and others like. 

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