3D Laser Scanning Services and the Black Hawk Helicopter

Increases Accuracy

The Black Hawk is a military helicopter that is well known as the Army’s frontline utility vehicle. To create 3D printed pieces of it, you have to create accurate models. How can anyone do that? By using 3D laser scanning services, someone can scan the entire helicopter piece by piece. It takes an insane amount of work, but the process can be done in a shorter period than drawing the pieces accurately. 

3D laser scanning services are one of the best ways to get accurate 3D models because it is more precise than any previous models. Once the information is collected, researchers and engineers can 3D print the pieces that are broken or needed to fix the helicopter. 

In one helicopter, there are over 20,000 pieces; collecting this kind of information would typically take years and be less accurate. 3D laser scanning services and printing can help narrow the time frame down to a few months. This is incredibly impressive and could potentially get more helicopters up and running faster than ever before. 

How does creating a 3D model work?

Before printing anything, someone has to create a 3D model in a computer-aided design software, also known as CAD. To do this, they have to take apart the helicopter piece by piece scanning all items. The 3D laser scanning devices take rapid pictures from every angle, collecting precise information. 

Once all of the information is collected in the CAD, it layers up the images to create a full-looking photo. From there, more information can be added that helps it look complete. The 3D laser scanning device will also be able to pick up any defects there may be. 

The advantages of military using 3d laser scanning services

There are so many reasons the military is choosing to adopt this latest technology. It is allowing them to stay on top of trends and create pieces faster than ever before. On top of that, it is good for the military to collect accurate information on their weapons and vehicles to preserve for later use digitally.

This could help the military restore old planes that are no longer in use or running because of missing pieces. It can help them upgrade military equipment and keep their men safe while in battle. There is a long list of things that using this technology could provide the military. 

What else can 3D laser scanning do?

This technology can create 3D models and allow more soldiers to train before getting on the physical plane or helicopter. How? With accurate 3D models, they could create virtual reality, which can help train soldiers on how to work the helicopter and what to do in case of an emergency. This could save lives. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services help the military upgrade their physical vehicles and save information for the future. There is no doubt that more branches will see the Army use this equipment and decide they should. It will be a growing trend in the military to adopt this technology. 

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