Using 3D Laser Scanning Services to Look for Potholes

Technology Helps With Safety BECAUSE Potholes Can Cause Major Traffic Accidents

Construction is a vast industry, and many companies are always looking for new technology to make their work easier. 3D laser scanning services have been around for a while but is now being steadily adopted in the construction field. Using this technology, a team can create a plan faster and even use it to see early warning signs of destruction. Potholes cause major traffic accidents and are unsafe for many areas. They are also hard to fix but can be prevented with the right action plan. 

This technology is being developed at Nottingham Trent University; it combines 3D laser scanning with 2D scanning. It can be placed on the front or back of a car and capture the road one is driving on at traffic speed. The imaging can occur at night or during the day, allowing many roads to be captured and analyzed. 

This system analyzes different textures on the road. With the program’s help or computer-aided-design software, they can distinguish oil spills, tire marks, or recently filled potholes and look for raveling. This device is still in the testing phase; the next step is to ensure that it is as accurate as a human. Researchers will put it to the test against a human inspector. Though this is not available for every team yet, there will come a time when many teams look towards 3D laser scanning services for help. 

What is 3D laser scanning? 

This technology was created in the 1960s and uses sensors to pick up precise information that people may miss. It employs thousands of laser points to pick up images and reflect them to the device. Each strand of light is being measured by the distance they travel. This technology has made a massive jump from how it was created, and we continue to see it emerge in surprising places. 

This tool can capture things like size, shape, texture, color, and more. The information gets held in the cloud where it can’t be erased. It can be edited to perfection in computer-aided-design software. The data can be used for many different things, like detecting potholes. 

Why use 3D laser scanning services?

There are so many reasons that construction crews choose to use 3D laser scanning services. It allows them to capture information faster than ever before, and it is relatively easy to use. With every development, it is more straightforward to use. It is more precise than a person could ever be, allowing the teams to stay safer. If a place is uninhabitable or dangerous to walk into, the tool can easily collect information with the same precision as an inspector. 

Final thoughts

Learning how to stop potholes before they happen can be necessary. 3D laser scanning services are one of the best tools for construction crews. It is one of the best ways to understand which roads are top priorities and keep things moving efficiently within a team. We will continue to see developments in this industry, and we will see more construction crews adopt this tool. 

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