Using 3D Laser Scanning To Watch Plants

3D Laser Scanning Services does the boring work

Watching plants grow. That sounds about as exciting as watching a cold pot come to boil. Wouldn’t it be great if that could be done without having to spend time to go out and physically inspect the condition of the plants? The good news is that there is technology now that can keep an eye on your farm without having to do the physical watching. The name of the 3D laser scanning services device is called PlantEye. PlantEye is a 3D laser scanning device that takes care of phenotyping by itself. Farmers want to know how plants are reacting to their environment. This is the technology that can do it for them.

3D laser scanning services gathers data on your plants

PlantEye is basically a device that keeps an eye on the plants that remain in a specific environment. Farmers need to keep track of growth to know if there are problems. This 3D scanning services device is made for the tough outdoor conditions that a device will face exposed to the elements. Rain or shine, it never shuts its eye. The direct sunlight and hot temperatures is not a problem for it. It keeps track of growth by 3D scanning the plants at stages of growth so that farmers can look at the physical growth changes on computer. The device is small, but it can cover a lot of growth. It can scan a thousand plant at a time. Not only that, but it can be put on a conveyor to move around.

It does a good job, and it does it fast

This phenoyping 3D scanning services device is a strong competitor among phenotyping devices. Not only is it able to face the harsh weather, but it makes the data more easily accessible and viewable. The results of the scan will show the farmer, engineer, or who ever is using it things like leaf coverage, depth of light penetration, leaf area, height of the canopy, etc. Since scanning plants can be difficult with leaves that are overlapping one another, the device also does duel scanning. This mean that more than one device is used at different angles so that a more complete 3D model can be captured. The time of capture can be done in a fraction of a second. Inside of it is the working to keep it running under moist condition and high heat.

This is a device that anyone who is dealing with plant and want to study their grown should use. Those that have used it have given positive feedback results. They say that proves to be a very effective way to do plant observation. Of course, things can always be improved. As the technology and the service that goes with it improves, it should become more widely used. This is just another example of how 3D laser scanning services is making a difference in the way we do things. Technology is becoming the workhorse that gets things done a lot fast, easier, and cheaper that could have ever done it in the past. That is what technology should do, make our lives simpler.

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