VR Food by 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D laser scanning services gives us the Experience

Virtual reality is kind of strange if you think about it. We want VR to look as real as possible. The reason why we do that is so that we can escape the real thing. That’s like saying I would rather trade the real for a fake that looks as close as possible to the real. Well, you and I know that there is a lot more to it all than just that. Virtual reality gives us a taste of experiences that we would not normally get in everyday life. Most of us would have little chance of getting to sit in the seat of a stock car, or fly a fighter jet. There would be no chance of running around shooting monsters. Virtual reality is pretty cool. One way that VR is being applied is by using 3D laser scanning services for food.

A Feast for your eyes

Let’s admit that most people hear the words “virtual food” they don’t get too excited. Obviously food in the virtual world won’t be quite as lip smacking as it is in the real world. That is true of course, but VR food is not for eating. So what would the purpose be to use 3D laser scanning services to scan food into the virtual world? We have to all admit that we enjoy food with more than just our taste buds. The eyes can enjoy it just as much. Why do you think people’s mouths start watering when they look at a steak sizzling on the grill. Food appeals to the eyes too. This is why I love restaurants with picture menus. If they have fifty menus items and only ten of those are in pictures, I will choose a picture one. By now you should be seeing where I’m going with this. 3D laser scanning services can be useful for scanning menu items.


The restaurant industry could really take off with this. Imagine you sit down at a restaurant and take your order. There you are, waiting for your food, and the waiter serves the plates on another table. As you wait for your food you notice that the guy next to you has something that looks great. In fact, it looks much better than what you ordered. If only you would have known that before you ordered. Now you see, you haven’t even tasted the food and know what you want now. Take all of those dishes and scan them into the virtual world for use to see before we order. Yes, I am talking about a 3D VR menu made by 3D scanning services. Maybe that idea sounds a little weird to some, but not weird enough for some people to try it. Software developers like those who made KabaQ, a VR menu program, make this possibility. That should help customers get their orders taken faster.

I, for one, think that it is a pretty cool idea. Who knows, maybe in the future we will have virtual reality taste buds. I can’t imagine eating chocolate chip mint ice cream all day without getting fat. 3D laser scanning services is the first step there.

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