Where is Virtual Reality Taking the Tourism Sector?

Did you know that today you can quickly travel around the globe from the comfort of your house? Gaming is not the only sector which is making the most out of virtual reality (VR). The tourism industry is witnessing a substantial change due to the adoption of VR. Using a VR headset-mounted, potential customers at the travel agency turn into virtual tourists. The technology treats customers to a taste of what the real experience would be like at vacation destinations. Whether it’s a casino, museum or cruise, customers enjoy a visual experience, which is far more convincing than looking at flat, boring photos in the brochure. VR tempts the customer to book actual holidays.

Virtual reality technology is shaping the future of the tourism sector. Here are some reasons why “knowing before booking” is helping customers create memories of a lifetime.

virtual reality offers travel assistance

Today, virtual reality applications can provide location-based support to tourists in real-time. With the help of GPS, phone and camera,  customers can report to the VR company about their location. For instance, if the customer is near Statue of Liberty, their Smartphone will track the location. And, the customers only have to wear the headset and identify points of interest nearby. Simply by turning their head, the customer will see the information on the VR display and even give a virtual tour. The customer can take the virtual tour and decide whether to visit the place or not. The reach and scope of VR are continuously growing, and it is expected to reach new heights in the coming years.

virtual reality enhances the experience

App developers are using VR to improve the travel experience. Travelers can download the app and experience certain places just like in historical settings. For example, visitors to a monument can see watch famous events which took place in the history. In the coming years, with the help of VR,  customers can role play in the historical events. It will create an interactive experience, which will help in creating beautiful memories for a lifetime. According to analysts, the tourism and hospitality industry is likely to step up the investment in VR significantly, improving the traveling experience of the customers.

VR saves time

From booking the ticket and finding hotels, to packing and boarding the flight, traveling consumes a lot of time and money. No one wants to spend their time, money and emotional energy going to a place that does not live up to its reputation. Using the virtual reality headset, the customers can reduce the hustle and see the place virtually before being disappointed about the destination.

The tourism industry is on the cusp of a truly immersive virtual reality and is changing the way customers book their dream destinations with the travel agents. VR is the future of vacation planning!

Where will you go using virtual reality?

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