Why Invest in Augmented Reality?

In the digital age, augmented reality (AR) is set to become the winner and surpass all the major upcoming technologies. Unlike, virtual reality, AR doesn’t require the customer to wear a clunky headset for a paranomic view of the surroundings. Nobody can wear the headset for hours together, and with people believing in multi-tasking, the headgear is a significant hindrance. Apart from shopping, gaming, and education, augmented reality has thousands of other uses and is proving its capabilities in the manufacturing arena as well. Companies like Ford are relying heavily on AR for building their automobile designs. Instead of wasting time on creating a clay or a dummy model of the new car, they can visualize it using AR.  The technology is helping save time and money, which otherwise goes in guessing and changing the models.

A few potential reasons for investing in augmented reality

1) augmented reality is ready to rock n' roll

As it stands, customers are viewing virtual reality as a gaming product and are finding it difficult to move forward with it. But, the same is not true with AR. The technology does not require the adoption of any mainstream technology because people already possess the necessary hardware needed to access augmented reality – a Smartphone. Customers across the globe are using Smartphones, which increases the reach of the AR apps. For companies, this is a boon because they only have to launch an exciting AR app to attract the customers to their brand. Furthermore, tech giants like Apple and Facebook are planning to integrate AR in the coming years to enrich the experience of their customer base. Also, in the coming years, as customers will type an email or a message, they are likely to hear voice instructions regarding grammar, punctuation, and tone of the email in real-time.

2) ar creates amazing training and educational materials

The technology holds immense potential for creating visually attractive and creative educational and training materials. Unlike textbooks and CDs, tutors can make learning new concepts easier for students. Augmented reality is helping students retain more information because it enriches the entire learning process. For instance, making the students understand a car engine part using AR is far more accessible than the real one. Students can visualize the engine part and understand the entire working process without any difficulty. Also, tutors can repeat the same process again and again without wasting time. Using an AR app, companies and schools can not only make learning fun but hone their skills and capabilities to the maximum. 

3) aR provides out-of-the-box customer service

For employees working in online retail, augmented reality is a boon because they can help online customers purchase a product according to their requirement. For example, the customer service staff can help the customer looking for a particular cosmetics and offer guidance on its application. Using augmented reality, the staff empowers the customers to choose a product of their choice and improve their aesthetics.

It’s probably the right time to invest in augmented reality because the technology is likely to revolutionize the work space and the customer experience.

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