Zeiss Brings Blue Light 3D Scanning to the Forefront

Industrial Metrology is the process of measurement of manufacturing processes that ensures measurement equipment effectiveness, calibration and product quality control. This is the cornerstone of Zeiss Industrial Metrology. Founded in 1846 in Jena, Germany, Zeiss has been manufacturing optical measurement devices and has evolved into one of the largest industrial metrology companies in the world with a large variety of business groups such as: industrial metrology, medical technology, microscopy, planetariums, semiconductor manufacturing technology, sports optics and vision care. Here we want focus on their latest product, the Comet L3D 2 blue light 3D scanner.

The Comet L3D2: 3D Scanning Made Simple

The Comet L3D 2 offers the latest sensor technology and project oriented software that delivers simple, and extremely accurate 3D data. Users can map 3D data of parts easily and quickly for a wide scope of 3D measurement operations. Combined with a high-performance software platform, colin3D, the Comet L3D 2 scanning system ensures a streamlined and east-to-use 3D scanning workflow. Like most other scanners, the Comet L3D 2 has a wide array of applications including product quality control, inspections, mold and model creations, industrial design, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and more.

Blue Light 3D Scanning: Flexible and User Friendly

The Comet L3D 2 comes ready to use in just a few steps without making the user go through an extensive setup process. With a short working distance, high quality 3D measurements can be taken even in confined spaces and is also very lightweight. The industrial metrology process of the Comet L3D 2 can also operate in harsh environments and automatically detects vibrations and exposure changes in the environment with a seismograph-like feature in the colin3D software. With a large light output and high measurement speed the Comet L3D 2 system ensures reliable 3D data measurement for a wide variety of surfaces. You can even interchange the lenses of the Comet to ensure the correct scanning range for a multitude of different objects.

3D Scanning Comet L3D 2 Tech Spec Sheet

Needless to say, The Comet L3D 2 is an exceptional blue light 3D scanner that can quickly and  accurately perform 3D scanning with a great software platform for a steady workflow. To learn more about the Comet L3D 2, click here and be sure to check out the video below.

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