How is 3D Printing Sparking the Construction Industry?

Since its inception, 3D printing is sparking growth in every sector and construction industry is no different. Construction is one industry which is theoretical, but still, the 3D technology has successfully left an impact. In the coming years, customers will get to witness robots on the construction site, instead of masons – embarking a paradigm shift. Interestingly, Dubai known for its sky-rising and beautiful buildings has set a target of 25%  of the building to be 3D printed by the end of 2023. Furthermore, 3d printed building is likely to strengthen the job market and provide jobs to the skilled workforce. Today, the construction industry is notoriously known for wasting materials, excessive cost and high budget, but with this technology, the world is likely to see a new face of the construction sector.

3D technology offers an array of advantages in the construction sector including,

1) 3D printing reduces supply cost and promotes greener construction

According to research, companies adopting 3D printing services for constructing buildings are likely to save 50% of their overall budget. These numbers have come as a sign of relief for a capital-intensive industry like construction. When the supply cost does reduce, buying an affordable dream home will become a reality. With the construction sector on the path of a boom, it’s probably the right time to strike while the iron is hot. Experts consider the mobility of printers as an advantage to the sector because it will eliminate the cost of transportation of material and warehouse cost. Both these costs eat up a significant chunk of the budget. Furthermore, the 3D technology is fueling and advocating greener construction by curbing the use of lumber. The use of lumber framework will drastically reduce in the coming years, which will make the world a better place to live in.

2) Increased project planning

Finalizing the building design is a headache for construction companies because the entire project depends on the feasibility of the project. Even before the construction begins, companies can provide visual the model and make the necessary amendments. The 3d printed models will eliminate every possibility of delay and problems that may crop up in the future. When project planning is up-to-the-mark, project execution is seamless thereby delivering an enhanced customer experience.

3) 3D printing reduces waste and provides accurate construction

With 3D printing services, companies can print the components to order, which will save time and help in reducing the waste. Unused parts can easily be recycled. For long, the construction sector is dealing with the problem of waste generation. Companies who use 3d printers will positively contribute to creating a greener environment. Furthermore, the construction is accurate because chances of a digital model going wrong are very less. The only possible issue which can arise will be due to using wrong construction material.

It seems clear that 3D printing possesses promising opportunities in the construction sector. Companies who adopt it in the initial stages will reap the first movers advantage and grow their business.

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