3D Laser Scanning Cranking Up Golf Competitions

3D Laser Scanning mixes pleasure and play

If I had a choice between going out with a Leica ScanStation for a survey job, or heading to the golf course, I think you know what I’d pick. The golf course wins. The good news is that your can do both. 3D laser scanning services and golf, sounds like a winning pair for a job. 3D laser scanning services is now adding some fire to the competition by giving golfers a bit more knowledge about the contours of the course. For that reason, these players are able to step-up their putting game.

See the green through the eyes of 3D laser scanning services

Golfers, of course, don’t see a green piece of grass the same way non-golfers does. We see a flat mound of grass, and they see all the dips and raised points that will effect a putt. Things that would be unnoticeable to most people would make all the difference for them. This is why when they putt, they need to crouch down and examine the layout. Now, with 3D laser scanning services, golfers do a little reading up on a golf course before they even set eyes on it. They can get a computer model’s view of the exact contour of the green. Imagine the advantage a golfer would have over an opponent if he or she were given the 3D contour scans of a golf course. Imagine the way performance would increase if all golfers were better informed about the field of play. This is exactly what is happening with the help of 3D laser scanning services on the golf course.

The man doing 3d laser scanning

Michael O’ Brian, an architect for landscaping, is one man who has been working on this sort of thing for over a decade. He has worked along side other professionals in the field golfing as a professional sport. For years people have been working on contour books for golfers and Michael worked on that using GPS as a tool for gathering topological data. The problem was that the data low resolution was quite low. Today, he is using a much more precise technology namely 3D laser scanning services to produce books that show elevation and slopes of major golf courses. These kind of contour books have become a must for professional golfers. They now have a fantastic tool for pregame preparation. While it may look simple to the average viewer, putting a ball on the green is not as easy as it looks. Every irregularity in the surface can send the ball in a different direction. The professional golfer’s skill can deal with those bumps and curves, but they first need to know where they are.

3D laser scanning services on the golf course is going to mean a lot more confidence for professional golfers, and it is going to mean more fun for the fans. There is no telling what other ways 3D laser scanning is going to shake and shape the world of sports. Something tells me that it is going to crank up the competition in other sports just like it is doing in the world of golf.

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