Discover hidden spaces between the walls using 3D laser scanning

Ever supsect you have a hidden room in your building? A secret passageway or a safe room that somehow was forgotten about over the years? Or it could be some attic or in-between space that intentionally designed into the home but not made accessible. Perhaps you have inherited a building you know nothing about, and would like to see if there is more to the building than meets the eye. Perhaps there is an unknown walled-in room filled with antique treasures, empty space or heaven forbid, a skeleton. Or maybe it is just that there are odd-sized spaces that, with a little creativity, could be turned into something usable like a closet or a small office.  

3D Laser Scanning – nothing does it better

The best way to find hidden, un-utilized room in your structure is to utilize 3D laser scanning services. 3D laser scanning maps any facility with high precision and detail, revealing all secrets and mysteries so that you learn with high precision just how much of a gap there is between one room and the next, or one room in the outside wall. It resembles a process of elimination, where if you have performed a good 3D laser scan of every room of the building and all of the outside walls, whatever space remains in between must be there. 

Finding the gold – a memorable example

In one memorable 3D laser scan, Arrival 3D scanned large house in a wealthy neighborhood in Houston, TX. The customer was the owner of a company that recovers gold from old eletronics. The objective was to implement the “scan-to-BIM” workflow.  Scan-to-BIM is the process by which field-collected 3D laser scan point cloud data is transformed into usable CAD formats such as Autodesk Revit.  After creating the as-built 3D model, it was clear that there was one hidden room-sized space behind the bookshelf. Considering what the customer does, it was obvious to anyone that it was likely a room full of gold! So, a word to the wise:  if you have a secret room full of gold, only hire 3D laser scanning service companies that you completely trust!


Let us help you uncover hidden spaces in your building

Perhaps you have an interesting floorplan and you suspect there may be more to your building or home than meets the eye. Consider hiring a 3D laser scanning service company like Arrival 3D to scan for you. Most small buildings can be easily scanned in a day, and in a way that is unintrusive, requiring no special preparation. Contact us today to arrange a day of 3D laser scanning services and find out what you don’t know about your building or structure!


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