How is 3D Laser Scanning Technology Set to Change Global Real Estate Market?

When buying a home, it’s important to take a look at the property first. Sometimes, however, it’s not possible to to view the home or the property, especially for cross-country or oversea buyers. These buyers might be moving in “sight unseen”, which is not ideal for most of us. However, with 3D laser scanning, buyers now have the freedom to move around the house virtually. Overseas and cross-country buyers don’t have to travel to the location to finalize their dream home. These buyers can take a virtual tour of the house to get an idea of the aesthetics and authenticate the built-up area. Furthermore, the technology is proving a game changer for real estate developers who can showcase the virtual model of the property even before construction has begun. The 3D technology is likely to take over and override the way residential properties are bought and sold across the globe.

Below are a few advantages of using 3D technology in real estate.

3D Laser Scanning Brings every home to life

Today, with the help of 3D laser scanning, agents can stage a room with virtual furniture to showcase it to potential buyers. The technology is empowering real estate agents to customize the home for every buyer by allowing them to virtually change the furniture, wall décor, colors, and flooring. It will accelerate and bring the real estate industry to life because customers can see their dream home even before buying it. Furthermore, a digitally scanned 3D floor plan is more visually appealing than a 2D model. The 3D floor plan brings the home to life in a way which videos, photographs, and 2D floor plans cannot. The 3D scanners will help build an emotional connection with the prospective buyers because you have successfully hit their desire of a buying a dream home. It will help agents build long-lasting and loyal connection because the customers get what they see.

3D Laser Scanning Develops an emotional connection

Some real estate agents get frustrated when a potential customer wants to revisit the home multiple times. But 3D laser scanning is allowing buyers to revisit the home multiple times at their convenience. Buyers can change their furniture, wall décor, and flooring in their mind. They can even take the virtual tour of the property with their friends and family members, which assists in taking a final decision. Furthermore, the 3D floor plans have the potential to sell the house faster because they’re more appealing than a standard 2D plan. All this adds up to building an emotional connect with the buyers, which otherwise is missing in the real estate sector. 

3D Laser Scanning technology makes it easy to compare

When a buyer is considering purchasing a house, they weigh different options because it is a huge financial investment. It’s always a decision of a lifetime. However, comparing two shortlisted properties based on just the cost and built area is not a wise decision. A buyer needs to compare every aspect. This is where a 3D scanner comes in handy. Using the scanners, buyers can compare the even the minute details to buy their dream home.

The future of 3D laser scanning in real estate is bright, and with the increasing adoption of the technology, the real estate sector is likely to witness a sea change in the way properties are bought and sold.

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