How is 3D Laser Scanning a Boom for Land Surveying?

Have you seen the bright colored tripod stands at the construction sites? Using the tripod stand, land surveyors map out and measure the land area and the surrounding areas. But, today land surveyors are bringing a paradigm shift by adopting 3D laser scanning to create surveys with greater accuracy. The 3D scanners use a mixture of lights, lasers, and x-rays to scan the physical attribute of the land area near them. In the surveying business, 3D technology is highly useful because of the precision, range, and speed. Using the advanced technology, surveyors can accurately measure structures, buildings and other sites. Furthermore, to ensure that projects are completed ahead of schedule, land surveyors need to utilize the latest technologies.

Here are a few reasons why laser scanning is a becoming a boon for land surveying.

3D Laser Scanning: Accurately surveying large land areas

When using 3D laser scanning for surveying large areas, companies are likely to place some scanners on the site. These scanners collect millions of points, which helps create an accurate 3D model of the land. The drawings, maps and 3D models created are incredibly accurate and precise. The models are accurate and show the layout of the space. The scan is even able to identity and show on a model where the sun hits a particular spot on the land. This feature comes in handy for clients, and land surveyors who want to know to what extent does the sunlight will penetrate the building. It’s a boon for land surveyors looking to provide accurate surveying details to the customer.

3d laser scanning increases efficiency

Today, with 3D laser scanning, surveyors no longer have to walk around the perimeter of the land again and again to scan the entire area. Instead of spending time on collecting data, surveyors can focus on realizing the data. The 3D scans are stored and used by the surveyors to present it to their clients. This feature is helpful for customers who otherwise will find it difficult to visualize some aspects of the land surveying due to complexity. Furthermore, surveyors can virtually create and preserve sites which are degenerating due to erosion. The scanners are helpful in preserving sites which are of archaeological importance and culturally valuable to the society.

Saving time and money

When it comes to any business, time is money. And, with the scanning technology, companies and land surveyors can cut the fieldwork by a whopping 50-70%. Interestingly, the data is processed faster without compromising on the quality. Additionally, with 3D laser scanning, you eliminate manual problem analyses, which enhances the construction and maintenance project.

Thanks to the 3D technology, companies across the globe are witnessing a 50% decrease in the overall turnaround time for completing a particular project. Though the adoption of the technology is at a very nascent stage, it becomes imperative for land surveying companies to adopt latest technologies to reach the target audience.


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