3D Laser Scanning Services: 5G Catapults Digital Twin Tech

Vodafone Idea Displays Digital Twin Solution at a Construction Site

If you wanted to get a lead on how technology has evolved in India, you should have attended the 5G rollout launch. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the forefront in launching 5G service across the country.

At the event, top telecom companies showcased how they utilize 5G in today’s technological era. Vodafone Idea showcased how one can utilize 5G and digital twin technology (3D laser scanning services) in monitoring construction remotely.

During India Mobile Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi exchanged ideas with construction workers from DMRC Dwarka Tunnel using 5G. As a result, workers can offer 3D scanning services while embracing new-age technologies such as digital twins.

As much as 5G services catapult digital twin and 3D laser scan technology, telecom companies are still in the dark. For example, in Finnish network equipment, the manufacturer of Nokia launched the 5G digital concept to mimic 5G use cases.

The company relies on machine learning algorithms to leverage 3D scanning services. Through the digital twin technology, they can monitor and assess the impact of the implementation in real-time. It’s also much easier to provide necessary recommendations promptly.

Nokia is working with top industrial companies to find out more uses of 5G. The main aim is to expand research on digital twin technology in industrial automation.

3D Laser Scanning Services Explained: What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a computer program that relies on real-world data to create simulations to predict how a product or process will perform. This entire process is real-time and offers a copy or replica of the real world.

Often, it is referred to as a computer-based copy. Through the 3D laser scanning services, there is a cloud-based image that is easily maintained and availability of any item or body. You can expect multiple technological solutions such as the Internet of things (IIoT), connectivity, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning.

3D scanning services will cut across construction sites, manufacturing, minerals, renewables, and oil and gas industries. Organizations can pre-empt obstacles, save money, and increase efficiency by utilizing digital twin Technology. It improves the business and offers effective and timely solutions at every juncture.

For example, an oil refinery plant can rely on 3D scanning services to predict the future. They can use it to create targeted oil areas and avoid unforeseeable shutdowns or recommissioning efforts. As a result, these companies can regulate production disruptions and ultimately prevent losses due to unwarranted shutdowns.

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