Demand Increasing For 3D Laser Scanning Services in the Construction Industry

Optim Project Management Dives Into the Emerging Technology

3D laser scanning services are still a relatively new concept that many people are yet to familiarize themselves with. However, with the demand for laser scanning increasing, it’s paramount for construction professionals and clients to dig deeper into the topic.

It is estimated by 2024, 3D scanning services will increase by $10 billion. Therefore, Optim Project Management professionals looked deeper into emerging technology to provide greater insight.

3D Laser Scanning Services Process

3D scanning involves the analysis of an object from the real world to replicate its shape and appearance in a digital format. This is usually achieved by collecting intricate data. Due to this process, it is relatively easy to transform the object into a 3D model. The model often features a polygon mesh or geometric samples of the object’s surface. These points are relied upon to provide the shape of the subject. Professionals refer to this entire process as reconstruction.

Pros of Laser Scanning With Optim Project Management

With the world becoming increasingly competitive, using 3D scanning has proven beneficial to the company and its stakeholders.

Optim Project Management provides a one-stop shop for services encompassing all design phases. You can expect a site survey, tender documentation, execution design, and technical assistance during construction.

The managing company also provides general design services for the safety of personnel. From smoke exhaust, emergency lighting, backup power, fire detection equipment, and firefighting installations are some of the resources you should have.

A 3D laser scan ensures a high degree of detail for each building. This is essential in creating a permanent and reliable record for owners and facility managers. Often, it is used in building operations and additions. It’s also helpful when it comes to renovations. Whether it is used for historical monuments or industrial projects, it saves a lot of time and money.

In particular, our 3D laser scanning services offer time-sensitive information. Given that the scans are performed and accessed in real-time, you will have efficient operations, productivity, and a rework process. You can also expect a huge improvement in quality and accuracy. Through accurate laser scanning, construction teams can easily make their work more productive. In addition, the services help in cutting costs.

Using 3D scanning services, you can expect to develop more detailed workflows and project mapping processes. This ultimately increases the profitability of every project.

According to research, construction managers attest that 3D scanning has led to up to 50% savings in cost. This is mainly because the time saved on carrying out particular processes is reduced. In addition, using this scanning method can positively increase collaboration and coordination on a job site. Therefore, streamlining any decision-making process.

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