Turn Yourself Into an Action Figure with 3D Laser Scanning Services

Put Your Self on a Shelf

Hasbro is creating the opportunity for you if you have ever dreamed of becoming a superhero or action figure. Using tech like 3D laser scanning services, you can create a customized action figure that looks just like you. It’s time to be the hero you’ve always wanted to be.

Soon, action figure collectors will have to make space on their shelves for themselves. Hasbro, in partnership with the 3D scanning services and printing business Formlabs, has announced that collector-grade, six-inch action figurines with personalized faces will be available for purchase. The customized product, formerly known as the Hasbro Selfie Series, will be accessible only via the Hasbro Pulse app.

The Hasbro Pulse app allows users to scan their faces, choose a figurine of their preference, and further personalize the figure by selecting different skin tones and hairstyles. People may imagine themselves as heroes like Black Panther, Snake Eyes, or Iron Man, thanks to the availability of action figures based on characters from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, and Marvel. This is the best way to truly dive into your dreams.

Hasbro’s Selfie Series was designed with accessibility in mind. Prices for action figures nowadays range from about $18 up to the hundreds for customized models. At about $60 each, Hasbro’s new line of customizable action figures will be among the cheapest individualized playthings available. Is this price worth it for you? This is a budget-friendly price when you consider all the latest tech used to create these figurines. You receive an amazing experience with 3D scanning and printing.

In the United States, The Selfie Series will premiere this coming autumn. Signing up for alerts about the release of the bespoke action figures is advised because of the anticipated strong demand. It’s time to pay closer attention to how companies utilize a 3D laser scan to create cheap but luxurious products customized to our preferences. 3D laser scanning services are changing the way we shop and our expectations of companies as consumers.

This new figurine will become the perfect gift for your loved ones, and it’s time to start capturing images of your loved ones. 3D laser scanning services are the best way to collect data on someone’s unique features and truly create something that looks just like you or the person you want. Attention to detail is what makes Hasbro stand out from other companies, and they are continuously striving to be the company that uses all the latest technology to create superb products.

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