3D Laser Scanning Services: Apple Hints at Mixed Reality Headsets

2022 WWDC

It was rumored that a mixed reality headset would dominate Apple’s annual developer conference during the 2022 WWDC event. However, no one expected Apple to reveal the hardware. Others predicted that Apple would take that opportunity to launch their new 3D laser scanning services technology.

However, none of these things happened. Instead, the WWDC 2022 was dominated by the launch of the new M2-powered MacBooks.

Regardless, Apple seized that opportunity to provide AR software updates hinting at the much-anticipated mixed reality headset. The updates included a new RoomPlan API for 3D scanning services, a graphic API for optimized Apple silicon, and the latest version of the AR development kit.

Apple expects these three updates to be implemented next year but not today. Developers can expect Apple to make an announcement, possibly in January, which will be precisely 16 years after the launch of the iPhone.


The Object Capture technology was last year’s WWDC highlight. The 3D laser scanning services technology lets users take a photo of an object and turn it into a 3D model. In this year’s WWDC event, Apple extended its focus from taking a photo of a single object to the entire room.

With an iPhone LiDAR Scanner, users can create a 3D laser scan of a room and surrounding objects. The new technology allows interior designers to do parametric 3D scanning and use those scans to create accurate models.

ARKit 6

The latest ARKit version supports 4K video and allows integration of real-world and virtual content for video creation. The 4K mode allows capturing an image area of 3840 by 2160 pixels and a video at 30 frames per second.

With a maximum image area of 1920 by 1440 pixels, ARKit 6 technology helps improve the image quality. And with a high-resolution background image, interior designers and engineers can create more realistic 3D scans.

XR Future

Apple has, over time, enhanced its processing and 3D scanning technology. However, during this year’s WWDC event, Apple has shown no sign of supporting the WebXR technology. Despite several successful trials, Apple has yet to integrate WebXR into its iOS 16 Safari. But this isn’t strange, given that Apple has occasionally slowed to support web standards.

Apple’s laxity will impact app developers like Nigro because they will have to wait until Apple launches its much-anticipated mixed reality headset. But above all, Apple intends to push the app experience a notch higher.

Apple hinted that it will likely release its mixed reality headset early in 2023. Apple believes the new technology will help push toward the next app era.

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