3D Laser Scanning Services: The Missing Link to Additive Manufacturing

Solving Supply Chain Issues

The advancement of 3d laser scanning services and advanced manufacturing processes is moving at such a fast pace that industries and organizations are struggling to keep up as they try to combine these promising new abilities into existing processes.

Where physical logistics and supply-chain issues would nearly be eliminated, the integration of decentralized manufacturing brings about other problems that must be resolved before full acceptance.

Possible Extinction of the Supply-Chain?

The United States Navy and the Department of Defense (DoD) are on the front line of this issue. As more and more operations require DoD assets to be stationed worldwide, the infrastructure needed for support and repair grows. The traditional single-point or centralized manufacturing or parts hub is nearly eliminated by utilizing new technologies.

Starting from the Beginning

Fully using these technologies is not without required work from the beginning. Since the potential for 3d scanning services and digital manufacturing was realized, the DoD has spent considerable time scanning nearly every part possible in its inventory. Naturally, the advancements are still not quite at the level where every part can be scanned, especially in the size and materials required.

However, the ability for any part within the digital inventory needed to be 3d printed or manufactured at any approved location around the world cannot be understated. Not only can this free up immense volumes of space required for physical storage of spare parts, the 3d laser scans, along with Artificial Intelligence, can have the ability to continuously improve upon the scanning and manufacturing process with each part creation.

Continuous Improvement

Not only can 3d scanning services and AI improve manufacturing, but they can also more efficiently improve the actual object being created. The digital platforms allow real-time improvements and feedback based on any observed flaws or failures. This provides for near-immediate version improvements of parts and materials with each input.

3D Laser Scanning Services: Inspection and Precision

There are strict requirements for precision in parts and components used in the DoD. The individual workers are held to the same standard. With 3d scanning services and AI, once a scanner and printer are certified, that’s it.

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