The Latest in 3D Laser Scanning Services: ZED to Distribute Ancient Egypt Documentaries

Viewing Egypt’s Most Famous Monuments & Relics

Continuing to show their might and abilities in history programming, ZED will be partnering with Paris-based collaborator Label News and utilize 3d scanning services to provide sixteen hours of new content. First up for the partnership will be five programs that focus on Ancient Egypt.

The new content will use 3d laser scanning services to provide new views and images of some of Egypt’s most famous monuments and relics. The plan, as of now, is for periodic release of the program as they complete it, with three standalone documentaries and two miniseries of four and six parts.

Ancient Egypt: Top 7 Pyramids – Completed in July 2022

Available in 52-minute and 75-minute versions, this overview will explore the construction and origins of Egypt’s most famous mausoleums. The new imaging technology will give viewers never-before-seen details of the pyramids and the surrounding areas.

Tutankhamun: The Untold Discovery–Expected Fall 2022

Also, with two time lengths available (52-minute and 70-minute), the team will use 3d scanning services to explore the tomb of the teenage pharaoh further. The new research hopes to use technology to discover even more about what is likely the most studied tomb in the world.

Cleopatra: The Mystery of the Mummified Hand) – Expected Early 2023

Trying to solve a relatively new mystery among the Egyptian tombs, a team of forensic scientists will attempt to determine if a well-preserved hand belongs to the Queen of the Nile. This standalone documentary will also be available in 52-minute and 70-minute versions.

Inside Pyramids – Expected Early 2023

The first of the two miniseries, these six 52-minute episodes will use laser scans to unlock secrets inside the great tombs. Viewers will be able to see, in great detail, the awe-inspiring construction and the secrets and traps that are contained inside.

Cleopatra’s Secret Tomb – Production Expected to Complete in Spring 2023

Following expert archaeologists in their explorations and field excavations, the team will use 3d scanning services to provide theories and re-enactments of the queen’s last days.

Bringing new technologies, such as 3d scanning services, to a team with experts in the field of Egypt documentaries and Egyptology will provide almost exclusive access to following archaeologists as they try to unlock even more mysteries of the Nile.

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