3D laser scanning services reveal details of ancient Mayan ruins

Blending Archaeology and Technology

Using 3D laser scanning services, archaeologists are able to take 3D scanners into ancient cities and scan parts of them so that they can develop 3D models which give researchers a better idea of what life may have been like during the height of this civilization. Since 3D scanners produce 3D models, it allows archaeologists to look at 3D models of these ancient sites without the need to take too much away from them.

The Mayan civilization was once one of the most advanced civilizations in the world. Thousands of years ago,  they ruled over several parts of modern day Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Their culture consisted of three main parts: agriculture, engineering, and architecture. They managed to develop an extensive irrigation system that allowed them to feed their people, they also developed elevated terraces to grow crops on hillsides and in valleys without the need for mudslides. And of course their majestic architectural wonders like pyramids that were used as locations for religious and political purposes and also as tombs for their rulers.

Cities like Tikal, Chichen Itza, and Caracol were once home to hundreds of structures that we know very little about today unless you are able to get 3D scans which is what 3D laser scanning services are doing in order to give archaeologists a better sense of these cities without damaging them.

3D scanning services are an important step into understanding what life may have been like back then and understanding the past. 3D model 3D scanners allows researchers to learn more about this civilization.

How 3D laser scanning services work

Scanners work by  using three lasers that are focused on three distant objects that are aimed in different directions. 3D laser scanning calculates the distance between these three objects by how long it takes for the laser beam to reach its destination and reflect back. This allows 3D scanners to make a 3D model because they can see what an object looks like from all angles even if they only have information from a handful.

The resulting distances are turned into a point cloud. 3D scanners then plot these points in 3D space and construct 3D models. 3D scanning services can create 3D models of ancient cities and structures without destroying them so that archaeologists and researchers can get a better understanding of what life may have been like back when these ancient civilizations were thriving.

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