3D Laser Scanning Services: Mapping a House with Apple’s RoomPlan API

API Was Recently Launched

RoomPlan API was launched at WWDC in 2022 to help gather information about a room. iPad and iPhone users can now install RoomPlan API on their devices and use it to map out their houses via 3D laser scanning services

The app uses iPad’s and iPhone’s LIDAR sensors to scan hard-to-reach indoor spaces, including under furniture. Engineers and interior designers will use the RoomPlan API to create floor plans. Hospitality and real estate apps seeking to obtain information about the layout of a building will apply plans created with RoomPlan API to build houses.

The Benefits of Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

Scanning the interior of a house using 3D laser scanning services is touted as a solution for interior and architectural design workflows. Installing LIDAR sensors on iPads and iPhones will help display real-time 3D scanning progress. The sensors also display a visualization showing everything in that room. Plans created using RoomPlan API can be exported in compatible USDZ and USD file formats. 

After that, the data can be imported into popular 3D scanning services utilities such as AutoCAD and Cinema 4D. RoomPlan API uses 3D scanning technology to create accurate reports of the dimension of a room and obtain details of the furniture in the room. RoomPlan was recently tested by a Twitter user using a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. 

Through a series of tweets, the Twitter user demonstrated how the technology enabled him to detect loose objects and mirrors inside his room. However, the technology seemed to have trouble with 3D laser scanning services closed doors objects. It also kept the scans of all the walls consistent.

A bunch of iOS apps that can scan objects and rooms using the iPhone’s LIDAR sensor are now available on the market. While it is currently only applicable for hobbyist use and not professional service, it is an impressive technology expected to advance the tech space. 

Homeowners will use these 3D laser scanning services to know which room they are in and turn on lights or fans. It will also be used to create more accurate floor plans that can be stored in the Home app. 

Architects using 3D scanning services can now use their measurements to get correct details. With RoomPlan API, e-commerce and real-estate apps can scan the dimensions of a house and create a floor plan. 

Architects and designers can use these scans for interior design and remodeling changes. The first company to integrate these 3D scanning services into their app was PhotoCatch developers. The integration allows interior designers to create unique floor plans within seconds. Users of RoomPlan technology can create a floor plan and preview it in 3D space.

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