3D Laser Scanning Services for Worksites

Clirio is a Solution to End-to-End 3D Capture and Sharing

Clirio recently updated its app to allow for worksite capture and organization using 3D laser scanning services.

Earlier this year, a new app, Clirio, was launched to help users with end-to-end 3D capture and sharing. Besides increasing collaboration among stakeholders and team members, the app will allow users to solve problems for specific projects in person and remotely.

Clirio features a set of web, mobile, and Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps that can be utilized from the start of any given project and even after its completion. Before using the app, 3D laser scanning services are crucial.

Creating a 3D scan only works with the latest models of iPhones and iPads. Once 3d scanning services are set up, users can add notes or sketches to photos before they can be shared with team members.

One of the main intriguing aspects of the Clirio app is that it paves the way for collaboration and offers tools that can be used in-person and remotely. Therefore, team members with access can work together to review crucial data and work on ongoing projects simultaneously.

Applying 3D Laser Scanning Services

The notion of 3D laser scanning services is also helpful since digital twins and data from Clirio can be viewed in 3d holographic form. It works when the app is paired to a Microsoft HoloLens device.

Soon, PC browsing capability will be available. Individuals working together and relevant stakeholders can join virtual sessions and share site data in the metaverse.

Clirio notes that the engineering and construction industries are more likely to benefit from using the new app. Other sectors that could benefit include land and asset management, resource extraction, archeology, and energy and utility industries.

As previously noted, the 3D scanning services capability of the app ensures it’s useful from the initial phases of a project and throughout its lifecycle. The app can also be used after the project’s completion for issues related to maintenance and inspection.

It’s also worth noting that data from 3d scanning services is stored in the cloud, allowing easy access to make any required changes.

For instance, users can use the app to add GIS, CAD, lidar, photogrammetry, geophysics, and subsurface data and share them with teams involved in the project.

Clirio has its headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was founded in 2020. The company’s goal is to help engineers communicate challenges associated with projects using 2D and drawing.

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