3D laser Scanning Services Enable a New Kind of Art Gallery

A Unique Art Experience

NewStudio Gallery is using 3D scanning to create a new style of art experience. The 3D virtual experiences they host are the only ones in the Midwest to hold such 3D virtual experiences. 3D laser scanning services are much cheaper than traditional methods of creating 3D models, which makes it more accessible to smaller companies who can’t afford expensive equipment or studio space. It also allows them to do 3D scans on-site without hiring an outside company or transporting delicate objects back and forth from a lab.

How 3D scanning services work

3D scanners use laser, radar, or lidar to bounce off objects and record distance. 3D scanners take into account the time it takes the laser to return and use it to compute 3D coordinates. The resulting 3D triangle mesh is called a 3D point cloud. 3D points can be transformed into 3D models with 3D scanning software, then into 3D printable meshes or 3D animations.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning services

The main benefit of 3D scanning services? Models are created much faster than traditional methods, which saves time and money. 3D scanning services also allow for highly-detailed models that can be 3D printed, which makes 3D models more accessible to the public than traditional manufacturing. 3D scanning also allows for more accurate 3D models of objects that would otherwise be too fragile or expensive to create a physical model.

Use of 3D laser scanning services in art

NewStudio Gallery has recently begun using 3D laser-scanning visualization technology in its exhibitions. Gallery visitors can use 3D glasses to see 3D models of the 3D scans. The 3D experiences are all located in a single room with 3D screens and 3D projectors creating a virtual art gallery experience.

3D scanning enables 3D models of objects common in fine art and design to be 3D printed, which makes 3D models more accessible and affordable for the public. 3D scans can also preserve works by digitalizing them before they wear out or become damaged. 3D scanners create highly accurate 3D models that allow artists and designers to study their 3D prints in detail, which allows 3D artists to make 3D models of objects that would be too impractical or expensive to model by hand.

A 3D laser scan also makes 3D printing more accessible for small companies, allowing them the ability to 3D print without investing in physical 3D printers or having cumbersome equipment that needs constant upkeep.

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