Team Creates Ashen Cabin Using 3D Laser Scanning Services and 3D Printing

Cabin is a Robotically Manufactured and 3D-Printed Prototype House

Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic formed the HANNAH research office. This US-based architectural and research company has been experimenting with 3D laser scanning services, digital design and production processes on various scales, from furniture to cityscape.

Leslie and Sasa, both professors at Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, lead a studio that focuses on innovative design, incorporating technology into their work while also conducting in-depth research into materials, new applications, and construction techniques resulting in highly creative projects.

One of the highly advanced pieces of technology they use is 3D scanning services and 3D printers. The 3D laser scanning services can be used to inventory the area before beginning any construction. This helps a team identify where the best places to build are and can be used in various projects. 

3D Laser Scanning Services and the Ashen Cabin

The Ashen Cabin, a robotically manufactured and 3D-printed prototype house in Upstate New York, is one of their most recent works. The project is unique in its utilization of contaminated ash wood, which is abundant in the region and has relatively few reusable uses at present. Using the latest technology like 3D laser scanning services and printers, they were able to create a small cabin with stunning architectural features. 

The use of innovative and customized technology to this project enabled the re-use of this material, which when coupled with a 3D printed concrete layered structure resulted in a case study on the future of sustainable building. Additionally, despite its technical manufacturing, the cabin’s final aesthetics remain natural and raw, seamlessly interwoven with its surroundings.

3D laser scanning services are emerging in many areas but can be helpful when designing new areas. It can take a survey of the land, analyze the materials, and create a plan to build structures in a precise way. There are many reasons why 3D laser scanning services are so useful in this modern world. 

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