Creating The Perfect Custom Shoe With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Findmeashoe Builds One-of-a-Kind Program

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be hard. No one has the exact same feet; we are all different. Some of us have wide feet, skinny feet, super long, or super short. A size 8 doesn’t necessarily cover all of the other things to consider, and worst of all, it may make your feet arches hurt. 3D laser scanning devices have been in several retail stores for a while now. However, it has once again changed. There is now an app where customers can accurately see how their feet actually are. This app can help them make better decisions about the shoes they are wearing. 

Findmeashoe built a one-of-a-kind program that allowed a mobile browser to scan feet to help find better shoes. Now anyone with a smartphone can quickly scan their feet to find the best size shoe, which has been a problem for hundreds of years. This company is so dedicated to the process they have sold over 1 million customized shoes and have tons of happy customers. The feet scanning industry is revolutionizing the way consumers buy shoes. 

We all want custom shoes that will support our arches, be wide enough, and the toe high enough to not cramp our feet. When consumers are online shopping, they don’t always have that information. It can be one of the best ways to have fewer returns, happier customers, and, best of all, returning loyal customers. Retail is changing with the help of 3D laser scanning services.

Why are 3D laser scanning services important in the fashion industry?

Technology does not only help functionality; it can help create an individual and personable experience while shopping, even online. Many people are ordering clothes and shoes online without understanding the fit, leading to massive returns. 

For most websites, consumer types in their size, and all of the options get thrown at them. However, none of these options consider fit, style, cut, or anything else that might be important for a consumer. One of the biggest things with shoes is how they will actually feel on the feet. All of the information that the 3D laser scanning device picks up is installed into the search engine. 

This provides extremely personalized recommendations that can lower the return rate. 

Soon fast fashion will go out the window, and customized pieces will take the forefront of the fashion world. With the help of 3D laser scanning services, we can become more sustainable, customizable and support more businesses. This technology is the future of fashion, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Why choose 3D laser scanning?

This technology has been slowly adopted, but recently, as more people access it, it has grown tremendously. It allows people to see what something would look like on them and allows for companies to better cater to consumers. 3D laser scanning services is one of the top trends when it comes to fashion, but it could use another push to make a massive tidal wave. This technology can help boost a company’s productivity, and it may be time for more fashionistas to get on board. 

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