3D Laser Scanning Services Combine With XR

Extended Reality Poised To Be The Future

With virtual reality and augmented reality, something incredible is happening. For every science-fiction technology, opportunists are spinning them out into la-la land. They are not quite popular or even there yet today, but some believe they are absolutely important to a fantasy future that no one has yet defined. And now that the metaverse has been factored into the equation, and 3D laser scanning services as well, tech evangelists are ecstatic to inform you that, to enter this fantastical future, you’ll need to don a virtual reality headset.

Few people are more immersed in virtual reality and augmented reality than Timoni West, vice president of augmented and virtual reality at Unity Technology. “Unity is used to create the majority of XR content today,” they tell WIRED from Unity’s San Francisco offices. West is convinced that, in the near future, practically every creative tool will have some element of XR technology. They also have their feet firmly placed on the ground; otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to serve as XR’s unofficial hierophant because they would be unable to do so.

WIRED met with Timoni West to sort out the dream from reality and figure out what XR is capable of. It may come as a surprise to learn that a significant portion of it is based on collecting a large amount of data. The following interview is a transcription of our chat, gently modified for clarity and conciseness.

They discussed everything from VR, AR, 3D scanning services, and much more during this interview. Both discussed their love for this technology and how it is opening up a new era in the technological world. Many companies are coming out with ways to use these that astonish the world further.

What is XR?

So you’ve heard of a laser scan and maybe even virtual reality and augmented reality. But what is XR? This is called extended reality, which people are ranting about and raving about in the tech industry. It takes things like 3D laser scanning services to a whole new level, and to truly experience this, you need to wear a virtual reality headset. 

Final Thoughts on xr and 3d laser scanning services

The same type of technology that powers mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality are used to create XR. 3D laser scanning has a lot to do with all of these services, helping them create revolutionary experiences that we have never seen before. This is an exciting time for XR to come out because it opens up more possibilities for the future. 

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