3D Laser Scanning Services: Elevating The Fashion Industry

Bringing 3D Scanning To The Fashion World

Two 3D scanning companies have announced they are forming a joint partnership. They are called SO REAL and Frontier.cool. The two 3D scanning companies will be working together to bring 3D laser scanning services to the fashion industry and transform it in ways never thought possible before. 

The two companies have already announced they will be working together to bring 3D scanning services to the fashion world, but it is not yet known exactly what specific projects or products they will pursue in the future.

SO REAL’s revolutionary CT-based scanning and conversion technology has the potential to completely change how we learn about our world. By automating production, SO REAL will be able to create photorealistic 3D or 4D objects which can then serve as an access point for immersive experiences anywhere on earth! Founded in 2019 by Swiss entrepreneurs who are leveraging cross-industry innovation within their own company, SO REAL aims to help customers thrive in a wide variety of sectors.

SO REAL specializes in creating digital twins. Digital twins are 3D models that are created from 3D scans of real-world objects. The digital twins product will be used in conjunction with Frontier.cool’s fabric technology to design the clothing and fabrics for new fashion trends around the world, or for creating a virtual “mirror” of their client’s outfits before they even buy them. Once these items are created, anyone can view them in 3D or 4D, or even in AR.

Frontier.cool, based in Taiwan, offers a fabric search and creation tool that allows uses to choose from thousands of different fabrics instantly. It uses 3D laser scanning services and technology to create an interactive user interface that allows anyone to search by yarn, material type, or even just a general description. The company also has a cloud-based collaboration tool.

The fashion industry has sometimes been slow to adopt new technology. 3D laser scanning could help the industry catch up and stay ahead of other industries that are rapidly adopting 3D technology. 3D scanning services could make 3D printing clothing and textiles much easier, while also allowing users to design clothes from scratch. This means that 3D technology is no longer limited to creating 3D models of buildings or other large structures; it can now be used by individuals who want a more personalized experience when shopping for clothes.

With the two companies working together, the fashion industry will have access to 3D scanning services that can help them create 3D models of their real-world products. This could transform the fashion industry by letting them unlock the benefits of 3D scanning services in ways never thought possible. SO REAL currently offers a 360-degree virtual store, for example. Users could then take advantage of Frontier’s fabric technology to try clothes on.

3D Laser Scanning Services And Shopping

This partnership could change how people shop for or design clothes because they can create 3D models that represent real-world products perfectly. This means customers won’t have to worry about whether or not their favorite jacket would look good if it came in another color; these 3D scanning services provide them complete control over what their final product or purchase will look like every step of the way.

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