New in 3D Laser Scanning Services: Gantrex and 3D Port Crane Solutions

Solving Common Crane Challenges with 3D Technology

Gantrex recently talked about launching Port Crane Solutions. This happened last week at TOC Europe in Rotterdam. According to Gantrex Group CEO Maarten Impens, their new line of products and services will focus on providing 3D laser scanning services to help with crane repairs.

Gantrex acquired ABS Consultor, a company in Spain, with the goal of integrating its services with what Gantrex offers. Impens cites that ABS Consultor and Gantrex specialize in providing mechanical and structural services on all types of cranes. 3D scanning services will allow companies to take their machinery maintenance to the next level.

How the Company is Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D scanning services allow Gantrax to visualize and assess any part of the crane to establish the root cause of problems and devise an appropriate course of action to avert potential issues.

Recently, Gantrax and ABS Consultor joined forces to develop a global service activity that focuses on repairing and modifying trolley rail systems using container-handling cranes. Over the last few years, Gantrax introduced its HingeGuard Short Rail, which offers soft mounting benefits when used on trolley rails.

Impens notes that one of the main challenges port operators have with rail systems is related to their fast wear and tear.

He also added that most systems experience breakages due to vibrations in the rail system. In turn, this also leads to driver discomfort when operating on these rails. With the help of 3D laser scans, such issues can be addressed.

The Group’s CEO also argues that their move to introduce other products is inspired by the increasing demand from their clients to produce other products. Therefore, using 3D scanning services to solve some of the common crane challenges is essential.

Impens also introduced the Adjustable Chair, another product that depends on 3D laser scanning services to provide solutions to everyday crane repair and maintenance challenges. The Gantrex Adjustable Chair product is a fastening system that provides for a crane runway re-alignment to prevent shifting rail foundations.

Impens also explained that the product helps to accommodate large movements in areas with less stable grounds like ports and other similar locations.

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