3D Laser Scanning Services: Kraken Robotics Wins $7.1M Contract

Exploring Our Oceans

One of the reasons Kraken Robotics was awarded the $7.1 million contract from offshore investors is because their 3D laser scanning services are one of a kind. They are creating a demonstration campaign to show off what their unique products can do. For the offshore demonstration campaign, Cenovus and Suncor have prioritized the work to create digital twins of subsea infrastructure. Flowlines, spider buoys, and manifolds are among the critical seabed assets that can be inspected.

Kraken will receive approximately $1 million for equipment and salaries and will contribute approximately $0.4 million. OOGIRA, along with project partners Cenovus and Suncor, will fund the remaining $2.6 million in operational, material, and consumable costs. This project leverages existing PanGeo Subsea sled design with Kraken SeaVision® electronics and significant software integration.

The company has a goal to find the latest technology and use them to be successful. One of the best pieces of technology on the market is 3D scanning services, especially units that can go deep underwater. Years ago putting technology in the ocean was unheard of. Now, with all of the advancements in 3D laser scanning there are tons of solutions to investigate the sea and oceans we love. 

Finding remote solutions with 3d laser scanning services

Companies worldwide need to find alternative solutions than sending their own men under the ocean. Having a 3D laser scanning services limit the risk and danger of sending people down under the ocean. It is a tool that can help reduce cost of operations, have a greater return on investment, and help a company research an area off-shore better than ever before. 

What is Kraken dedicated to

Kraken Robotics Inc. focuses on the manufacture and sale of software-centric sensors, subsea batteries, thrusters, and underwater robotic systems. The company has offices in Newfoundland, Canada, the US, Germany, Denmark, and Brazil.

They have become one of the best competitive companies who focus on 3D laser scanning services. As we see this technology develop we will see other companies use Kraken’s well-made products to survey underwater areas. Most of our ocean has not been studied and on top of that we have now built pipes in the ocean that need to be maintained. 

It can be crucial to have the most knowledge on an underwater environment and the best way to do that is to invest in 3D laser scanning services. 

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