7 Ways 3D Laser Scanning Services Benefit the Oil and Gas Industry

From Modeling to Decommissioning

3D laser scanning services make producing safe, accurate data for the oil and gas industries easier. The technology provides unparalleled detail that can help companies reduce their risk of costly mistakes while improving efficiency throughout all stages, from fieldwork to production delivery.

Achieving this requires an expert not just at using tech but understanding its limitations, so they know when something needs precision vs. mass surveying methods which aren’t always reliable enough.

The Adoption of 3D Laser Scanning Services

Oil and gas companies are countering these challenges by adopting 3D laser scanning, which is efficient, fast, and can produce accurate digital records that are cost-saving for oil companies. 3D scanning technology is a great option for this industry sector due to its numerous advantages.

Check out these seven ways 3D scanning has benefited processing plants:


Processing plant operators are utilizing 3D scanning for accurate and quick cloud modeling when performing conversions. For instance, operators must obtain the exact measurements when measuring tie-in flanges on a pipe.


With 3D scanning services, you need to pick two points of a pipe and use the FARO As-Built software to determine the size of the pipe and its shape. The software can help convert the piping to solids after completing the run.


3D scanning helps uncover any underlying issues before operators get to the site. For example, scans can analyze areas where fireproofing is falling off. That way, the repair technicians can be deployed to the location without inspecting the entire facility.


Scanned images can be valuable in decommissioning, construction, and planning maintenance. For example, with a 3D laser scan, you can run a quick animation and detect clashes on equipment to ensure it will be fit for a project.

Plant Expansion and Maintenance

3D laser scanners can help improve safety at a workstation. With the technology, technicians can be warned of a possible pipe danger before it.

Large-scale Inspection

Accurate measurements help with the maintenance of plant equipment. However, a manual inspection can be dangerous and time-consuming. But with laser scanning, facilities can eliminate scrap and rework and minimize user variability.


It takes a lot of time and extensive verification and documentation to phase out pipelines, drill pads, and plants. The process should be handled efficiently, especially as the infrastructure ages. But with 3D scanning, you can get the work done efficiently and with minimal chances of damage. With the endless potential of 3D laser scanning services in the oil and gas sector, it’s time to embrace the new technology.

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