Going From Physical to Digital With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

A 3D picture scanner, the most technologically advanced physical link to the digital world, was recently unveiled in Dubai. The building weighs one and a half tons and has 200 cameras from Sony’s newest generation, with some of the cameras being hidden beneath the ground floor. These cameras are also being used for 3D laser scanning services.

Kitco News anchors Gryn and David Lin took part in the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai by speaking in front of a real-life photo scanner or 3D scanning services. The company Wolf Digital World counts Gryn as a partner.

How 3D laser scanning services work for you

Gryn went over the operation of the 3D laser scan. “If you stand in the middle of the frame, it takes a hundredth of a second to capture a photo from every viewpoint. We then assemble a massive file with ultra HD resolution of yourself, an avatar, and other information.” Gryn shared his thoughts.

 “Our main goal is to create the world’s largest database of scanned items and people for use in the metaverse, in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said the team. The metaverse is a virtual-reality world in which users can interact with other users in a computer-generated environment. You can create an entirely virtual world with the help of 3D laser scanning services.

Gryn explained how 3D laser scanning services like this could be used in video games. You could potentially create a complete avatar that looks just as you do in real life. 3D laser scanning services allow you to stick that avatar that looks just like you into any video game for fun. The cost of  3D laser scanning services is $200, and it has a capacity of scanning 150,000 people each year. However, you just need one scan to benefit in the future. It changes the way your games are played and is well worth the money. 

What else this service could be used for

Gryn stressed that the photo scans would have a plethora of applications outside of games. Although the focus has been on video games, you will be able to use this in other industries. For example, you could use it for a doctor’s appointment to get a diagnosis or even for tech fashion. It can evolve as more people use 3D laser scanning services.  Eventually, this will be a seamless experience, and people will live digitally and physically. 

It will all come together eventually, and you will be able to move seamlessly from one game to another in a digital-physical realm, Gryn predicted. “It will be the next frontier of the internet, manifested as a digital depiction of the genuine thing,” says the researcher.

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