Protecting the Art World With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Saving History

Protecting art for future generations has not been easy. Now with the help of 3D laser scanning services, art preservation can be done quicker and more efficiently than ever before. A company named Arius focuses on art preservation with high-tech equipment to help preserve art for the future generations. 

Using 3D laser scanning to preserve art does more than just save them for the future. It opens up a way for multiple audiences to view. This means art from Italy can be viewed in Los Angeles and can view it in close detail. 3D scanning services may even help an artist sell more pieces in online galleries. 

Using technology to put art online allows for the colors and depth of each image to shine through. A 3D laser scan can pick up every microscopic detail that couldn’t be seen in an average photograph. This means the consumer can see each individual brushstroke, which is one reason art can be so unique. Seeing the detail up close may also help the piece seller faster for a higher price. 

Saving history with technology

Many historic pieces of art are very fragile and can be destroyed easily. There are a few benefits of using 3D laser scanning services on these types of pieces. 


The best thing about this technology is that it uses lasers instead of any physical touch. 3D laser scanning services allow researchers to pick up all details without touching them. 


Instead of trying to replicate a piece by hand or trying to take multiple photos, 3D laser scanning services pick up details in seconds. It captures an object from every side and layers the images until it is super detailed. 

Saves Details

One of the neatest things about 3D laser scanning is that it can be saved forever once it is in the editing system. This means that all of the details the scanner picks up will be with you at all times in the cloud.

Not only does this technology help preserve art, but it can also help create art. 3D laser scanning services are used to create digital art and statues of real people. Technology is merging with the art world and will continue to be a huge trend for years to come.

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