3D Laser Scanning Services: Robot Dog Scans Construction Sites

Captures Data From Potentially Hazardous Areas

3D laser scanning services in combination with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot are producing solutions for construction sites.

The robot, named Spot, roughly resembles a dog and its 3D scanning services are changing how data is captured from construction sites. The robot can navigate through challenging and potentially hazardous environments delivering complete 3D images of the area. In addition, the 3D scans are precise and consistent, allowing for ongoing documentation of the site’s progress. 

How The Robot And 3D Laser Scanning Services Help Construction Industry

Construction customers expect turnkey solutions for autonomous job site documentation and analysis. 3D scanning services provide this by combining image scanning and robotics. It’s an unprecedented merging between the two fields and is improving how 3D scanning services are used in the construction industry. 

Frequently scanning a construction project improves efficiency and provides real-time data analysis of the field. In addition, with the data sent directly to the office, project managers find it easier to adjust aspects as necessary. 

3D scanning services use a scanner connected to the Spot robot. The robot is tied to the job site project coordinate system and individual scanning stations. An in-field charging system on the robot and laser scan equipment allows for in-field charging, ensuring the project continues without delays. Tying 3D imaging to robotics is opening new fields in both industries. 

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