3D Laser Scanning Services: Studying Dinosaur Fossils

scanning fossils discovered in yunnan province, china

Scantech, which provides 3D laser scanning services, was privileged to assist with a skeleton from a dinosaur in the prehistoric Jurassic period. This skeleton was discovered in Yunnan Province, China, and could be accurately replicated. The dinosaur fossil was 190 million years old, the texture was brittle, and executing this precise 3D recreation process was successful with a high-tech TrackScan 3D scanner.

3D laser scanning services can aid in the reconstruction of ancient history

Fossils are extremely difficult to reconstruct due to their complexity from overexposure, varying textures and caused by the necessity of ensuring that procedures do not harm the fossils. If mishandled, they can be damaged. Scantech 3D scanning services were able to beat the odds by executing a 3D laser scan directly at the source without the harm caused by touching the fossils directly. 

Scantech’s 3D scanning services can recreate fossils at a rapid rate due to the scanner having a 1.9 million MPS. The precision of the scan is 0.025mm, which is so accurate that it is constructing a duplicate. Due to this rapid scan rate, Scantech acquired the whole 3D data of dinosaur fossils at a fast rate and without harm. The ability of this scanner is renowned for its capability to reconstruct an ancient history that could pave our future with knowledge of these ancient creatures. 

Through digital scanning, 3D scans and prints can convey the Lufengosaurus dinosaurs’ recreation

It’s the initial discovery of 3D printing and scanning for this dinosaur recovery and reconstruction process. Once all of the precise data was captured by Scantech’s 3D scanning services, it could be transferred and recreated into an actual 3D mode. This allows individuals to admire the dinosaur’s original appearance and gain insight into this prehistoric creature.

Also, this can allow individuals to acquire knowledge into our ancient history of what dinosaurs looked like. Specifically, Scantech’s 3D scanning services can provide historic insight into the bone structure, texture, and complexity of these creatures that have never been seen before due to their extinction dating back millions of years.

What was once an ancient mystery can now be transcribed into recreation replicas for our future

With this new digital technology paving the way for our future, Scantech 3D scanning services give us the ability to understand our past better. It allows us to appreciate these ancient creatures and their impact on our world’s past to better understand our present and even our future through revealing what is yet to be discovered. 

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