Using 3D Laser Scanning Services On Ships Before Retrofits

Installing New retrofits can be tricky

With ships required to install authorized ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) well in advance of the implementation of IMO Regulation D2, Northstar Technology claimed its 3D laser scanning services can offer critical services to enterprises pressed to complete BWTS retrofits. 3D scanning services have emerged in many different fields, and this service can truly help ships before retrofits happen. 

Retrofitting is described as the installation of cutting-edge or novel components or systems onboard ships. It is often motivated by the necessity to comply with new regulatory energy and emission regulations or the ship owner’s desire to upgrade to better-operating standards. This is something that is often non-negotiable when updating or constructing ships. However, sometimes retrofits can go wrong. The team responsible for retrofitting ships can limit mistakes and mishaps with the help of a 3D laser scan

“Invasive aquatic species present in the ship’s ballast water is one of the consistent problems in the offshore industry, as it leads to increased bio-invasion, posing a threat to the marine ecosystem,” said Northstar project manager Keith Bernard. 

All ships are required to conduct ballast water exchanges and install an authorized ballast water treatment system under IMO Regulation D2, which takes effect on September 8, 2024. 3D laser scanning services can help this process go much smoother than trying to install these systems without inspecting the ships first. 

How 3D Laser Scanning Services Are Used Before Retrofits

Installing these new retrofits can be tricky because of space constraints on a vessel. New and old ships will have different dimensions that can be challenging to work around. On top of that, not all maps of vessels are accurate or show the exact layout, which can be a problem when trying to add something new. 3D laser scanning services help understand a vessel’s space or where something may fit. 

3D laser scanning services provide accurate layouts of a vessel. It can help record all of the changes being made during a retrofit. This means in the future, all anyone has to do is pull up the set of scans to understand what exactly happened on the vessel.

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