Iowa Snowplows May Get an Upgrade With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Researchers Are Developing Technologies to Assist Drivers in Whiteout Conditions

Iowa State University researchers are developing technologies to assist drivers during whiteout conditions, thanks to a grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation. This includes adding high-quality technology like 3D laser scanning services to each truck. 

It can be dangerous and deadly, but with the help of 3D scanning services, it can become much safer, but it can also plow much more efficiently. 

Iowa’s Snowfall Can Create Hazards

On New Year’s Day, most of central Iowa saw its first heavy snowfall. Between two and six inches fell in the Des Moines metro area, while larger amounts fell in southern Iowa. 

The snow can be much more severe in Iowa than in other parts of the United States. In the new year, it was the first big test for the department of transportation or DOT to see if they could handle the snowfall in 2022. 

Even though the event was not a snowstorm, the snow was readily blown about by 25-30 MPH gusts, generating whiteout conditions at times. 3D laser scanning services can help during these whiteout conditions. 

How Researchers Are Using 3D Laser Scanning Services To Help Drivers

Researchers at Iowa State University are developing a navigation system that will keep plows on the road regardless of what drivers can see or the circumstances. The project is funded by a two-year, $502,265 grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation. 

Keeping snowplow drivers safe should be one of the main concerns when dealing with winter weather. They are often the first defense a town or city has against the weather. 

This winter, the initiative will basically do proof of concept testing on several sensors and pieces of technology. These may include hyperlocal GPS, LiDAR 3D scanning, an IMU, or an inertial measurement unit capable of reporting a variety of data values ranging from force to angular momentum. 3D laser scanning services are emerging in multiple areas, and this may be one of the best uses of the tech. 

3D laser scanning services will help a snowplow driver see when it is impossible with their eyes. It can be navigated with GPS, and objects can be read on a flat-screen. This means they can navigate the roads in whiteout conditions without putting themselves in danger of hitting anything. 3D laser scanning services are changing our lives in the best possible ways. 

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