Meet Your Idol In The Metaverse With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Access to Top Celebrities

How would you like to meet your idol? It’s difficult to imagine meeting someone like Kim Kardashian or Kanye West. But what if you could interact with them in a new and unique way? There are tons of technology on the market, like 3D laser scanning services that allow your famous idols to interact differently with everyday people. 

You no longer have to stand in line for an autograph or a picture—you can meet celebs in the metaverse, created with 3D scanning services

Celebrities and influencers may now use blockchain technology and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to improve their interactions with their followers and audiences. One project is taking this notion a step further by combining NFTs, a proprietary metaverse. 

A plethora of activities provide consumers with access to top celebrities. 3D laser scanning has been around for years. Still, it has been a technology that many companies focus on advancing. It is a competitive niche, and because of it, 3D laser scanning services have advanced beyond what we could have ever imagined. 

Fanadise’s environment, dubbed the Fancy Bears Metaverse, is centered on entertainment, social media interactions, and celebrities. The Fancy Bears Metaverse (FBM) connects users to artists, influencers, world-class athletes and others who are members of the Fancy Bears Club. Additionally, their work may be marketed in a variety of ways, including royalty payments, NFTs, and 3D avatars.

The project hosts 8,888 NFTs that symbolize stylish bears and provide users with entrance to the metaverse club, commonly known as the Metaclub. Users may attend concerts, pool parties, and even play tennis with their favorite authors at the virtual club. 

Fanadise will throw the Fancy Bears Annual Party, ironically twice a year, where members of the Fancy Bears club may win lavish prizes like a Ferrari or a boat. A laser scan can help create an entire environment for everyday people to enter. 

Today, 3D Laser Scanning Services Is For Everyone

It’s time to use 3D laser scanning services to benefit your life. This technology is no longer for the CEO’s with tons of money or businesses in the manufacturing field, it is for the everyday person looking to enrich their lives. It’s time to start understanding how 3D laser scanning services can enrich your lives. 

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