SOSLAB Unveils a New 3D Laser Scanning Service

Announces the Solid-state LiDAR 'ML'

At CES 2022, SOSLAB announced the Solid-state LiDAR ‘ML’. The business attracted enthusiastic replies with a live demonstration of the reliable performance of the 3D Solid-state LiDAR device, which won the CES Innovation Awards 2021, and the ‘Green Light, Red Light’ game that demonstrated LiDAR’s recognition and decision-making capabilities, tapping into the power of 3D laser scanning services.

At CES 2022, the company drew enthusiastic responses by demonstrating the stable performance of the 3D Solid-state LiDAR product, which won the CES Innovation Awards in 2021, and by exhibiting the ‘Green Light, Red Light’ game, which incorporates the recognition and decision-making function of LiDAR data.

3D Laser Scanning Services and Vehicles

3D scanning services for automotive is classified into three generations based on its compliance with vehicle chassis performance and component specifications. Mechanical scanning is the first generation of 3D laser scanning services; microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are the second generation of 3D laser scanning services, and solid-state LiDAR is the third generation of 3D laser scanning services. Recently, worldwide LiDAR businesses released products based on the solid-state LiDAR format, which does not need rotating components. This format is the optimum format for automobile LiDAR. ML is a third-generation LiDAR device from SOSLAB.

SOSLAB launched the Mobility LiDAR (ML), a solid-state LiDAR device using Korean technology, onto the worldwide market at CES 2022, after a delay caused by COVID-19. SOSLAB demonstrated ML’s 180-degree wide-angle and long-range measurement capabilities for several meters alongside worldwide corporations. After resolving the issues with distance measurement and viewing angle identified as limits of Solid-state LiDAR, ML was awarded the CES 2021 Innovation Awards in honor of its technological competence.

SOSLAB is determined to make the world safer and smarter by providing 3D laser scanning services to multiple businesses. They can help smart cities build and grow and help a company develop fully autonomous cars by providing high-quality 3D laser scanning services. 

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