3D Laser Scanning Services: The Smart Factory Quality Control

Leveraging the Technology

A coordinate measuring machine is a crucial investment in three-dimensional metrology for manufacturers to gather 3D laser scanning services data for modeling and analytical purposes.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of validating dimensional and geometric correctness and precision against GD&T profiles in the industrial and automotive industries.

It’s especially true as products become more sophisticated. In addition, with a more litigious climate where faults, recalls, and reputation damage are common, inspection solutions must stay up and evolve with the changing environment.

The use of coordinate measuring machines is projected to expand in the near future, with end users/customers prioritizing quality, accuracy, and precision. Inspection is essential for certifying the quality of parts and products and ensuring that a manufacturer is adhering to industry standards.

However, today’s co-ordinate measuring machines-based inspection approach only measures small samples of a part’s geometry, and sampling is no longer enough to prevent downstream problems.

As a result, to accomplish 100 percent inline inspection – where manufacturing conditions are constantly changing, and hidden process faults may arise – measurement and quality assurance must shift away from the traditional measurement room and into the production areas.

3D Laser Scanning Services and Manufacturing

Many manufacturers, notably those in the automotive and healthcare industries, have implemented 3D scanning services for every stage of their manufacturing process to achieve high quality, accuracy, and precise standards in their respective industries.

The 3D scanning service uses high-resolution 3D scanners paired with the processing capability of Unblink3D ScanXtream software to provide a high level of detailed and easy-to-interpret quality and dimensions information – all without the danger of human error.

Compared to a co-ordinate measuring machine’s numerical output, an automated 3D laser scanning delivers quality data in an easy-to-understand format, such as real-time CAD visualization with color-coded deviations from requirements.

Unblink3D SPCWorks will save and analyze real-time quality data of all parts generated from the inspection by implementing a 100 percent inline automated 3D scanning service for predictive defect prevention. In addition, it enables the intelligent and accurate identification of potentially problematic locations, which aids in rework and corrective actions.

By leveraging the capabilities of the 3D scanning service, producers may identify, analyze, and solve faults in the manufacturing process before they lead to a downstream defect in today’s modern production environment.

It’s important to remember that it’s not only about enhancing product quality but also about optimizing the entire manufacturing process. Unblink3D software solutions will better prepare and equip you for success by preparing ahead of time rather than reacting to problems as they arise. There isn’t a single thing that is left to chance.

Today’s AI-powered, data-driven, and networked smart factories rely on Unblink3D software. As a result, you’ll have an unblinking eye that allows you to track defects in advance, monitor your factory, and get a complete real-time picture of your production process.


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