Spotlight on 3D Laser Scanning Services: Snap’s Advances in Virtual Object Creation

Many top tech companies embrace the coming metaverse shift. To stay ahead of the competition and seemingly provide value to the consumer, tech companies are coming up with new ways of digital interaction using 3D laser scanning services.

A top tech company, Snap, shared information on how a user can easily use images from Google or any other search engine to formulate a 3D image. The company publicized a paper to showcase how you can obtain images or videos from different angles and transform them into 3D. The 3D laser scanning services will stimulate a significant change in virtual object creation.

If you are an AR or VR creator, you will easily search for an image on the search engine and choose a group of images. You must select images of an object taken from different angles then the system will fill in the missing areas. This will simplify 3D object creation without taking too much time to scan.

How Snap is Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

Snap explains that the new 3D laser scanning services technology will allow AR developers to digitize any object in a matter of minutes. As long as you can find the images or videos online, you will be able to create a 3D image. It’s an excellent opportunity to revolutionize AR digital assets in the computing world.

The current trajectory of social media and digital photography in general avails multiple images of objects from different angles. Developers can use 3D scanning services to translate any conceivable object into 3D.

This could be monumental for Snap as they have artificial reality (AR) ambitions coupled with layers of items in real-world scenarios. But most notably, it could also affect the uprising metaverse shift, which has been characterized by people creating their own interactable virtual spaces and environments.

Not only that, but you could also purchase real-world items, and virtual-world items and interact with various objects and environments, among other things.

Such 3D scanning services make it way easier for this goal to become a reality. More recently, Meta was looking for ways to advance ecommerce to include a virtual item library. Brands and companies are increasingly asked to scan digital/ online versions of their commodities.

But with such 3D scanning services, you might not even need that as you might bypass such processes with a high level of automation. You’ll be able to stock digital items without needing other people’s input on the visual front.

Snap will present its research findings at SIGGRAPH 2022 in Vancouver. This could be a big step that accelerates digital transformation in AR and VR while opening the market for 3D scanning services.

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