New in 3D Laser Scanning Services: 3D Luggage Scanning

Daytona airport gets new CT machine

Since the 9/11 incident, airport security has become more vigilant. The process involves strict rules of items passengers can keep in their carry-on bags and others in their luggage. There is a specific list of items you can keep in your carry-on as long as they meet certain criteria. However, the list is not as long as most passengers would like.

Due to several passengers carrying the wrong items in their carry-ons, you will find long queues at the airport security checks. This can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming for people in the line and the security officers. To reduce the amount of time passengers spend before boarding a plane, airports have taken up CT machines for 3D laser scanning services.

These new and improved 3D laser scanning services will help passengers pack more into their bags without worrying. It’s also an excellent system for security officers since the work required to establish the bag’s contents would take a much shorter time. Instead of asking passengers to reveal the contents of their bags, you can simply use the 3D scanning services to establish all items carried. Ultimately, this will result in shorter queues at the airport.

Checking Bags with 3D Laser Scanning Services

To ensure each traveler has easy checking, the Daytona International Airport offers new 3D laser scanning services technology to scan their bags. Located in Florida, the airport will use CT machines to get a 3D view of the contents of the bags.

Transportation Security Administration will be able to manipulate the images taken by the machine to get a better view of the contents of their bags. You can easily spin and rotate the images to establish the traveler is not carrying any items not meeting the criteria.

The airport took on this 3D laser scan system last year, 2021. However, they soon progressed in acquiring another CT machine. There are a lot of airports relying on this technology for their travelers. It’s much more efficient and time-saving since, on average, the checkpoint requires an average of 12 seconds.

The checkpoint experience allows travelers to keep their laptops and 3-1-1 in their carry-on bags. Because of the maximized threat detection capability, 3D scanning services help officers to easily identify any illegal or disapproved item by digitally unpacking the bag. If you carry an item that does not meet the airport criteria, the airport will willingly ship it back to you. The TSA agents place the item in an envelope and place it in the bin where operations will ship it for free.

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