3D Laser Scanning Services: Digitizing WeWork’s Real Estate Portfolios

BeyondView Enters into an Agreement with WeWork Japan to Create Digital Twin

BeyondView offers 3D solutions for real estate owners to market and manage their properties virtually. They recently entered into an agreement with WeWork Japan to help them digitize their real estate portfolio. Through this partnership, WeWork Japan will be able to market and manage its properties virtually using 3D laser scanning services.

According to Japan’s CEO Johnny Yoo, BeyondView offers an exceptional digital twin technology that offers an easy property management portal. He added that BeyondView is the right partner to help WeWork Japan to take advantage of the virtual space and enhance its real estate portfolio.

Johnny Yoo also cited that they look forward to using 3D laser scanning services and digital twins to introduce the “Live Walkthrough” feature that will market Japan’s flexible office space in Shinagawa. He added that BeyondView is transforming the real estate industry and changing how businesses operate.

By taking advantage of BeyondView’s 3D laser scanning services, potential tenants can conveniently tour WeWork Japan’s flexible office spaces in Shinagawa even before construction is complete. Plus, the “Live Walkthrough” feature will allow users to immerse themselves in a space similar to the in-person point of view.

According to the Founder and CEO of BeyondView, 3D scanning services, and digital twin technology have been a disruptive force in real estate property management. He also added that BeyondView’s capacity allows for increased collaboration and has no room for limitations.

Teams located miles apart can collaborate toward a common goal. The agreement with WeWork Japan is a significant milestone for the BeyondView community. The team is confident that the partnership will help WeWork Japan with the suitable digital support it requires to advance in property leasing and management, the CEO added.

Since partnering with WeWork Japan in April 2022, BeyondView’s contribution has increased the leasing of flexible office spaces in Shinagawa. In turn, this has greatly boosted overall property engagement. Ideally, BeyondView’s virtual platform allows clients to tour the office workspaces and re-imagining them to suit their business or personal needs.

Final Thoughts on the Use of 3D Laser Scanning Services

Using 3D laser scanning services, BeyondView offers digital visualizations and redesigns real estate to meet specific clients’ requirements. The use of 3D laser scan technology demonstrates a unique business space that is yet to be tapped.

Generally, BeyondView uses digital twins technology to create stunning visuals and an easy-to-use platform that enhances the overall customer experience in the real estate world.

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