3D Scanning A Collapsed Hospital Roof

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Watch Youtube long enough and you will see a building come crashing down that was not meant to. What went wrong? Did the guy in charge of tightening all the screws forget to eat his Wheaties that morning? It is not hard to imagine that such a disaster cost a few lives if not many. Did the architect forget to draw in a few essential pillars? Did the project manager cut a few corners on the materials? How does such a thing happen? What ever the case may be, there has got to be a reason. Someone has got to do some research to get to the bottom of it, so that it never happens again. There are times when you have to pull all your resources to figure things out. One thing that can help when disasters like this happen is 3D laser scanning services.

3D scanning get to the bottom of it


When disaster strikes, it is hard to go back and see what happened. Most older buildings don’t have any as-built information on the structure. They might have blueprints that are from years ago. Everyone knows, though, that what you see on paper doesn’t explain what is going on in the real word. Things may have been built with some adjustments, and time has made some adjustments of its own. The question is, how can we know what happened to cause the structure to fail without those measurements? That is where 3D laser scanning services can do a little investigation work. 3D Scanning services is a fast and effective way to collect building structure data. Mapping out locations of beams and columns, analyzing vertical  alignment can all tell investigation crews where the problem may have occurred. Not only that, but they can do it fast. Just like a crime investigation, data needs to be collected before things get moved around.

A real example

Just to make this sound like more than just theory, there was a parking garage at a  hospital in West Virginia that had part of its roof collapse. That sounds pretty serious, right? It might be a good idea to find out why. The next time it comes to building a hospital, some mistakes can be avoided. A 3D laser scanning services engineering team from E.L. Robinson Engineering was given the task to find out some of this valuable information. They brought in their scanner called a Riegl LMS-Z360i to collect a massive number of data points in less than a weeks time. That is pretty fast survey time the amount of data they collected. Using traditional methods of data collection would have taken much longer. A shorter time is better because of safety issues in such environments. To make a long story short, the data needed was collected with great success and the investigation could begin.

Thanks to 3D laser scanning services, problems like this can be investigated so that hopefully we will not have to hear the new of any more of these disasters. In the meantime, watch your head, please.

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