3D Scanning protects and Prepares Athletes

In the last few decades, the penetration of  3D scanning in the sports industry is beyond human imagination. 

Whether you’re playing golf, tennis or a team based sports such as soccer, it’s an achievement to leave the field with a victory. Perhaps even more important, leave the field without injuries, after a heated competition. As sports industries seek to accommodate the needs of athletes, even amateurs benefit from the new technology. Companies are now relying heavily on 3D technology for sending equipment, clothing, and gadgets and are revolutionizing the way professionals train and compete with each other.

Here are a few ways in which 3D scanning technology is preparing athletes to play their respective sports seamlessly.

3d scaning Captures intricate details of athletes

Leading sports gear manufacturer, Adidas, used 3D scanning to capture the face structure of the swimmers to create 3D models. The scanning provided essential data on athlete’s bodies which was then used to design new sportswear for upcoming athletes. The information from the scans also enabled Adidas to quantify movement patterns of the elite swimmers. This information provides the company with an opportunity to teach the same techniques to the customers. The swimmers’ technique was analyzed, and provided technical knowledge for new learners. Using these techniques, swimmers were capable of reducing time drastically.

3d scanning: creating Safer helmets for athletes

In contact sports like soccer and football, injuries are inevitable. Today, parents are apprehensive because many sports injuries can lead to lifelong disablement. Using 3D scanning, companies are creating safety gears to help better protect athletes. Some companies are now creating products to prevent traumatic brain injuries. More importantly, companies are creating personalized equipment for field sports. Each equipment manufactured using the 3D technology offers a customized fit, which enhances the ability of the athlete to perform. In Football, getting hit on the head while playing is as bad as experiencing a head injury during a car accident. However, customized head protection help prevent injuries and increase safety. 

Personalized footwear

Companies are also using 3D scanning technology to create custom athletic footwear. 3D scanners are used to mold and shape footwear for the customers. Customers can also choose the design and style. These customized shoes not only fit perfectly, but also increase the performance of the athletes wearing them. Furthermore, as more and more companies are accept the technology, custom shoes are likely to become more affordable for amateur sportsmen.

In the coming years, the technology is likely to offer safety, personal customization, and more information about player techniques and performance on the fields.  Better equipment improves the safety of athletes and enhances their performance. Medal or not, everyone goes home happy knowing they rely on dependable equipment.

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