3D Scanning Services Brings Customization to the Masses

It doesn't fit! I need 3D scanning services

Are you searching for a size that suits your physique? Who is isn’t? One of the grand annoyances of shopping for clothing is when your size is never the one that seems to be available. I go into store like Kohl’s and Old Navy to look for a suitable pair of jeans and can’t find it. There have been occasional times when I went into a foot apparel store to buy some sneakers and had headaches. I know my size. If I attempt one size up, it’s too big. Step down one size and my feet are cramped. I there any means of get this problem straightened out? One out there might suggest going custom-made. There is nothing bad about that except I don’t know where I can get some custom-made “Nike like” shoes. I need a catch all solution. There has to be something out there that will give me what I want every time. It just so happens that 3D scanning services may be it.

Have your cake and eat it with 3D scanning services

Technology is for solving problems and making old ways better. There is no reason to think that 3D scanning services can’t be applied to my shirt, pants and shoes problem. If fact it can.  We all know that custom-made means quality. Therefore 3D scanning should be able to learn this one. After all, 3D scanning is all about custom projects. When people can’t find the mass produced part then they turn to the 3D scanning professionals to do some reverse engineering.

Made just for you by 3D scanning

The idea is applying 3D scanning services to get a custom-made product for all. That means having your cake and eating it too, right? If you don’t think I am serious ask companies like Volumental and Alton Lane. The former company is trying to rebrand “custom-made products” for the common manufactured item instead of just luxury goods. The latter brand is using 3D scanning services to make perfectly fitted suits on the spot. These companies are using state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment to do a quick and exact measurement of customers body dimensions. As for shoes, companies like ThreeOverSeven in New Zealand are making a customized athletic shoe by 3D scanning.

3D Scanning with 3D Printing

Combine this idea with 3D printing and products can be made in no time. Just hours after having been scanned customers can have their perfectly-fitted custom-made piece of clothing. That means no need to worry about size or returned items. It also means that the next time someone looks at your shirt, pants, or shoes you can and say “custom-made”. Little do they know that they were made by 3D scanning technology.

Things still have yet to improve, of course, before we see this type of technology in most stores. High speed 3D printing using high quality materials is still coming along. It shouldn’t be long though. My guess is that soon custom-made clothes will be the norm. It just mat be a lot sooner that we all think.

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